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Harold Boas Gardens Wedding Celebrant: The Celebrant Perth
Harold Boas Gardens' premier wedding celebrant with the Golden tie!

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As an experienced Perth wedding celebrant, and having conducted many classically elegant wedding ceremonies at Harold Boas Gardens, I can certainly recommend Harold Boas Gardens as one of Perth's most beautiful public park / garden wedding venues.
Named after architect and former City of Perth Councillor, Harold Boas, the gardens feature several lakes and a waterfall.
At Harold Boas Gardens with its dense shrubberies with large grassed areas and ample shade from the trees, originally planted in 1900, provides a perfect venue for wedding ceremonies.
Harold Boas Gardens is a popular location for wedding ceremonies and there are four separate areas set aside for photographing wedding groups.
It is considered one of Perth's most popular wedding gardens and looking at the manicured gardens it is not hard to see why. By far the most popular area is the little 'island' by the tranquil waterfall. The bride and her bridesmaids can make a grand enterance as they cross the bridge to get to the ceremony area.
Harold Boas gardens are located on the corner of Wellington and Havelock Streets, West Perth.
To compliment the sheer elegance and classic ambience of Harold Boas Gardens, why not choose Harold Boas Gardens' premier wedding celebrant - The Celebrant Perth?
I look forward to discussing your fairytale Harold Boas Gardens wedding with you, very soon.