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The Celebrant Perth Prestige Flowers & Butterfly Release:

Updated on Friday, Friday 20, 2022

Description :
We love Flowers, Butterflies and Weddings!! Prestige Flowers will create add a unique and memorable touch to your special day.
My passion for flowers started 12 years where I started my journey working in flower market gardens. Appreciating the life cycle of the blooms led me into my “Flower World”. My up-to-date professional development floristry training and knowledge, bringings my passion for flowers together with my creative side. This has led me to be an award-winning florist. Loving the perfection and the finer details of the floristry world inspired me to venture into specialising in bridal designs.
We also have a major love for butterflies! This has led us to breed and  created our own natural like environment Monarch Butterfly Farm, where we can provide live butterflies for butterfly releases.
Monarch Butterflies, also known as the ‘Wanderer’ butterfly are native to Australia and are perfectly  safe for releasing in all areas, including botanical gardens and national parks.

 The Monarch Butterflies are  a spectacular large butterfly with a wingspan varies from 7.5cm to 10cm. They are a beautiful strong bright butterfly, which are perfect for releasing at special events.
Contact Details :
Name:  Jane Smith
Phone:  0424 138102
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