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Pop up wedding Perth are awesome. A marriage ceremony is a pop-up weddings Perth. Budget pop up weddings Perth can be popular. Perth pop-wedding is a budget marriage ceremony in Perth. Monday, July 22, 2019
Steve appreciates that your needs and requirements for a wedding ceremony might differ from other couples. He realises that couples have different and varying reasons for wanting their Perth marriage ceremony to be basic and minimal. Steve is aware that some couples may want a budget marriage ceremony in Perth, also known as a ' Pop-Up Wedding Perth', because they are planning an extravagant wedding ceremony in Bali, or Thailand, or Las Vegas, or in their country of birth, but would like their marriage registered in Australia before they leave. While other couples would simply prefer to save their money for a great honeymoon or to purchase a home of their own.
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Whatever the reason, he understands that some couples would just like a short, but sweet and simple, legal marriage ceremony in front of their family and friends here in Perth, Western Australia - beneath T.C.P.'s  'The Marriage Tree'!
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As a result, Steve would like to offer you the option of a very short and quick, no thrills, 'registry office-style' marriage ceremony, but in a serene park setting - beneath T.C.P.'s 'The Marriage Tree', which is legally binding and recognised as a legal marriage under subsection 42 (5) of the Marriage Act 1961. At the conclusion of your wedding ceremony, Steve will register your marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Perth office!

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It really is a much better and less costly alternative to a Perth Registry Office wedding. It's also less stressful because there is plenty of free parking, and you and your guests don't have the hassle of trying to find and paying for parking in the city. You may invite as many guests as you like, you may bring as many chairs as you like, you may stay as long as you like, and you may have it on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you choose, throughout the year. If you want, you can even organise for one of your guests to play music while the bride walks down the aisle. And a park setting will look so much more memorable in your wedding photographs, than a Registry Office Perth marriage ceremony.
The ceremony usually takes place beneath, what has been affectionately named by couples as, T.C.P's 'The Marriage Tree' - with over 100 budget marriage ceremonies conducted by Steve, beneath the branches of this special tree, over the past 10 years.
Although similar to 'Pop Up wedding ceremonies' in Perth, but unlike a 'Pop-Up Wedding Perth', you are not forced to use a particular photographer. You may choose any photographer you like, if any at all. You may choose any day, Monday to Thursday, invite all of your family and friends, play music and stay as long as you like. And it's not going to cost you over $1000, like the other Perth celebrants are charging for their Pop-Up weddings Perth.
The total cost of our budget ceremony is only:

$600 Aus.
(To be paid in full at the initial meeting - Sorry no EFTPOS facilities)
This fee includes:
  1. a single meeting to complete and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage form and other legal paperwork and to discuss the ceremony.
  2. performing and solemnising your wedding ceremony, in a quiet park setting, which will contain just the minimum legal components and wording which must be said, as required by the Registry of B.D.& Marriages, for the marriage ceremony to be legal and recognised in Australia and overseas.
  3. preparation of the wedding certificates and legal documents.
  4. a commemorative wedding certificate in a special envelope which we will present to you on your wedding day.
  5. the signing table, with an elegant table cloth, two signing chairs and a signing pen.
  6. registration of the marriage with the Registry of B.D. & Marriages.
  7. no limit on how many guests you can invite.
  8. no limit on how many chairs you would like to bring.
  9. no time restrictions - stay as long as you like.
  10. however, there are several terms & conditions , so please read below -
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Please read the terms & conditions to be eligible for this special low price:
  1. You and your partner must be marrying because you are in a committed relationship, you understand the importance of marriage and want to spend the rest of your lives together, exclusively.  
  2. The wedding ceremony must take place at a quiet, serene park which we have chosen in Dianella.
  3. The wedding ceremony must take place only on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, between the hours of 11 am - 4 pm.
  4. The 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form must be witnessed and given to me a minimum of 1 calendar month before the date of your wedding ceremony. This is a legal requirement.
  5. You must have 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to witness your marriage ceremony. This is a legal requirement.
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If you would like Steve to conduct one of his short, but memorable, legally binding, budget marriage ceremonies in a quiet park in Dianella (beneath T.C.P.'s 'The Marriage Tree'), on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you choose, throughout the year, please make sure you state that you would like a ' budget ceremony ' when you Email to make an appointment.
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Please remember that each of you must bring to the consultation -
either  1) an original Australian Birth Certificate, if you were born in Australia,
or       2) an Australian Passport,
or      3) an original overseas Birth Certificate (if in English),
or     4) an overseas Passport (to prove date and place of birth).
If either one of you has been married previously -
      5) you must present an original divorce certificate.
Please note - if any documents are not in English, then they will need to be translated by a NATTI accredited translator and certified with their official stamp, full legal name and signature. This is a legal requirement.
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Please contact Steve by Email and he will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible, guaranteed:
(Please include preferred date and time of your ceremony, when inquiring)

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