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Perth's premier wedding celebrant with the Golden tie!  

Steve is the Perth Celebrants. Premium Perth marriage celebrants and Swan Valley Perth Celebrants. Boutique wedding celebrants Perth or recommended marriage celebrants Perth. Joondalup Resort wedding celebrant Perth or Vines Resort marriage celebrant Perth. Recommended celebrants Perth and Perth celebrant of celebrants in Perth resort. Swan Valley Perth wedding celebrants also Perth marriage celebrants. Sunday, March 29, 2015 Boutique Wedding celebrants Perth. Marriage celebrants Perth we trust.
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Welcome to Summer, 2015. It's a fantastic time to fall in love. It's the perfect time to propose. It's a magical time to have a fairytale wedding! Steve - The Celebrant Perth, 2005
Steve can be Swan valley celebrants. Some are wedding celebrants Swan Valley. Hence, Joondalup resort celebrants. Even Vines Resort wedding celebrants. Find wedding celebrants Joondalup Resort. Wedding celebrants Vines Resort in Perth.
Was today a fairytale? Was there magic in the air? Was it the way that he kissed you? Did he get down on one knee or did he place the ring in your champagne glass? Did he write the question on the display board at a sports event or on a huge banner pulled by a plane? Did he ask at a candle lit restaurant or did he take you back to where he first kissed you? Or, did you propose to him? Maybe the proposal was not quite as romantic, but your wedding certainly can be.
Testimonial from Jemma & Peter (2014):
Wow what can I say, he was perfect! From meeting Steve in his chandelier-clad office to seeing him smile at me as I walked down the aisle at Caversham House, he really exceeded my expectations. Our guests commented on how great he was - well-presented, vibrant and engaging! Couldn't have asked for anything more than that. Peter and I were both extremely happy with our wedding ceremony. It was easy to have confidence in Steve's ability to make it a great event. Peter enjoyed how well Steve engaged with the audience and his vibrant presence, and how well he responded to our requests and changes on the day. I was really happy with how well Steve accommodated the weather, his helpful guidance during the ceremony, his cheerful disposition - basically the whole thing. We even had guests comment on how much they liked Steve and enjoyed the ceremony. Thanks again for everything, we will definitely be recommending Steve to all our friends.

3 Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Sandalford Winery   |   Belvoir Homestead.
2 more Weddings @ The Bell Tower   |   Caversham House.
Now that the proposal has been accepted, you wish to celebrate your union by having an amazing wedding ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Have you been inspired by the beauty and elegance of the Royal Weddings or the Hollywood Weddings? So has Steve - fairytale marriage ceremonies are his specialty! This is the day you have dreamt of all your life, so don't comprise on your dream wedding. Choose the Perth marriage celebrant that will help make your wedding day the perfect fairytale occasion.
Testimonial from Ann & John (2014):
"With Steve, you will be sure to have a superbly classy and elegant wedding. He managed to capture the attention of guests without being over the top whilst being beautifully romantic at the same time. Did as we requested - keep it classy, no cringeworthy humour! John and I would like to thank Steve for such a wonderfully touching ceremony. All of our guests really enjoyed how he conducted the ceremony and we 100% agree with them. It would not have been the same without him and we can not thank him enough! It was a beautiful ceremony, certainly as I had expected. We have been to many celebrant officiated weddings and we are very happy we got Steve. Again, thank you very much for making our special day extra special! We will definitely recommend Steve to our family and friends that are planning a wedding."

3 Weddings @ The Vines Resort   |   Caversham House   |   Sandalford Winery.
3 more Weddings @ Sittella Winery   |   Oakover Winery   |   Upper Reach Winery.
Just because you don't want to have your wedding in a church or other place of worship, doesn't mean you can't still have a traditionally inspired, classically elegant, vintage marriage ceremony. Steve has performed elegant wedding ceremonies at some of Perth's most spectacular and renowned publicly and privately operated venues. Steve - The Celebrant Perth -  specialises in Swan Valley (including Swan Valley winery, resorts and function centres), Joondalup and Vines Resort vintage weddings.
Testimonial from Heather & Mitchell (2013):
"We absolutely loved Steve's enthusiasm during the ceremony. He delivered the ceremony with such charisma and joy it was truly wonderful! If you want a celebrant that cares deeply about his important role and will deliver a vibrant and heartfelt celebration style ceremony for your special day then choose Steve - The Celebrant Perth."
3 Weddings @ Mulberry on Swan   |   Sittella Winery   |   Cottesloe Civic Centre.
3 more Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Esplanade Hotel Fremantle   |   Bridgeleigh.
Is experience important to you? Steve is renowned in Perth for presenting wedding ceremonies with vibrancy, passion, energy, gusto, flair and enthusiasm. Having conducted over one thousand spectacular wedding ceremonies throughout Perth, Steve would like to invite you to look through the hundreds of photographs of past weddings, or watch on You Tube his Perth's best wedding ceremonies montage - we think you'll love it! Next, you might like to watch just a small selection of wedding videos taken by some of Perth's best wedding videographers of ceremonies he has conducted over the years - like this Kings Park Wedding , and this Sandalford Winery Wedding or this  Queens Gardens Wedding  or this Oakover Winery Wedding . And then watch this Burswood on Swan Wedding , as well as this Perth Park Wedding , and then you can watch either this  Barrett Lane Wedding , or perhaps this  University of WA Wedding , or this  Swan Shell Wedding  he had the pleasure of conducting. When you have finished, please ask yourselves if these are the style of ceremonies you have planned for your special day? If they are, then Steve would love to have the opportunity to conduct your marriage ceremony too.
Testimonial from Gemma & Mark (2014):
"If you are seeking a celebrant with professionalism, passion, flair - and the perfect sense of ceremony for your wedding, look no further than Steve. From the first contact right through to the big day, Steve was nothing short of the consummate professional, with great attention to detail, personalised service and constant communication throughout the process. Big thanks Steve - you made our day at Caversham House very special - highly recommended!"
6 Weddings @ Caversham House. As Caversham House's preferred celebrant,
I feel privileged to conduct so many elegant weddings @ the magnificently opulent Caversham House.
As Caversham House's recommended Perth celebrant, it is Steve's pleasure to invite you to watch this video of a  Caversham House elegant wedding he recently conducted there and read the testimonial from Caversham House, themselves.
Testimonial from Caversham House, Swan Valley - 'voted Best Wedding Venue in Perth' (2012):
"We'd like to thank Steve - The Celebrant Perth for conducting a perfect wedding ceremony for our couple! As one of Perth's premium wedding venues, we enjoy working with Perth's premium celebrants, and Steve certainly is one of them! Our staff love working with Steve, and we look forward to working together with him to create many more magical, fairytale ceremonies for our Brides & Grooms!"
3 Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Millbrook Winery   |   Mulberry on Swan.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Sandalford Winery   |   Bridgeleigh R.C.
Testimonial from Kirsty & Kai (2012):
"Our wedding day at Joondalup Resort was absolutely magical. It just went way too fast! Steve did a great job putting up with our crazy family and friends. What to say but, WOW, loved, loved, loved, the opportunity to work with him on the most important day of our lives. He was a huge hit with us, our friends and family and we received so many compliments on our ceremony that wouldn’t have been possible without him. We also received compliments on his behalf. The guests said he was a “breath of fresh air”; “he conducted a beautiful ceremony with even more beautiful words.” He was the best celebrant many have ever seen. Kai and I thank you so very much for all the preparation, effort and hard work you put into everything you did for us to make a magical start to our very special day. He went above and beyond our expectations. He was absolutely worth his weight in GOLD. He was so brilliant, so friendly and we were honoured to start our married life with him there performing our ceremony. He is an amazing celebrant and he performs his job with so much passion in the words he speaks. It was truly amazing! We will be recommending him and his amazing services to absolutely everyone we come across, for he is a must have celebrant for anyone's special day. Thank you again, Steve!"
3 Weddings @ Lamont’s Bishop’s House   |   The Vines Resort   |   Brookleigh.
3 more Weddings @ Belvoir Homestead   |   Caversham House   |   Joondalup Resort.
We appreciate that it may by difficult to find the right celebrant Perth for your wedding ceremony, so Steve would like to suggest to you that you base your decision on two things - firstly, reviews and testimonials - please read through over 450 genuine reviews from previous couples. And secondly, please have a look at the faces of the couples in these actual wedding photos. Steve has also received the highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars - 'Perth's Top Rated Marriage Celebrant' by EasyWeddings. As an added incentive, please view the specially discounted fees Steve offers for weddings booked at all of Perth's premium wedding venues.
Testimonial from Naomi & Brad (2012):
"Both Brad and myself couldn't be happier with how well the ceremony went and we think Steve did a wonderful job! So many guests after the ceremony asked me where I found him because they were stunned at how charismatic he was and how he got everyone excited about our wedding ceremony. I have also been approached by friends that attended who have all wanted to tell me how good our choice of celebrant was. The music was flawless, the ceremony was flawless, Steve was flawless!!"
Testimonial from Ciara & Patrick (2013):
"Steve was absolutely amazing. Steve is brilliant at what he does and he made our ceremony wonderful. He is so well organised which was great as I wasn't! He took the time and made sure we thought each process through and it was exactly what we wanted. We had a great day and we really enjoyed his service! I would highly recommend Steve to everyone as I couldn't imagine someone doing a better job - he was great. Such a lovely man!"
3 Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Bridgeleigh R.C.   |   Caversham House.
3 more Weddings @ Mulberry on Swan   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Oakover Winery.
Testimonial from Lucy & Morgan (2008):
"We truly feel we had the best celebrant in Perth!!! Our ceremony at Sandalford was everything Steve promised it would be - romantic, elegant, meaningful and flawless. He presented our ceremony with this incredible charisma. Not only does he have a strong voice but it's the passion and enthusiasm in which he delivers the ceremony that sets him apart from other celebrants that we've seen at other weddings. If that wasn't enough, he also perfectly coordinated the music we had chosen for the ceremony. Many, many guests and family complimented us on our celebrant and our beautiful ceremony. It would be our utmost pleasure to recommend Steve to any couple who are having a wedding. We are sure you will be as thrilled with his service as we were."
Unlike other Perth celebrants Perth who do a bit of this and that. The Caversham House and the Belvoir. As well as Swan Valley wineries such as Sandalford & Sitella Winery. Also Mulberry on Swan or Upper Reach Winery. Waters Edge are Oakover Winery Swan Valley.
3 Weddings @ The Old Brewery   |   Belvoir Homestead   |   Joondalup Resort.
3 more Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Indiana Restaurant   |   The Red Herring.
Testimonial from Jenny & Angus (2011):
"We were very impressed with Steve from the first meeting. We could tell that he was very professional and very experienced performing ceremonies and this was refected in his confidence and the way he spoke about the ceremony. He discussed every detail of the ceremony with us at the meetings and he went out of his way to make sure that our day was perfect and very special to us. It was also important for us that some of my family read some readings and Steve was very accommodating in incorporating these into our ceremony. This man definitely knows weddings!! We had many guests come up to us after to express just how impressed they were with our wedding celebrant. We had many comments about how his words were expressed with great passion and full of meaning. We would definitely recommend his services to anybody who wants an experienced celebrant and who really understands what a bride means when she says - 'I simply want my wedding to be perfectly elegant!' "
3 Weddings @ The Bell Tower   |   Sandalford Winery   |   The Vines Resort.
3 more Weddings @ Araluen Golf Resort   |   Mulberry on Swan   |   Caversham House.
Testimonial from Margarita & Khabeer (2012):
"Thank you so very much for all your help; not only on our wedding day but also in all the meetings and correspondence prior as well. It truly was the best, most magical day of both our lives and we are so grateful to have had such an amazing celebrant who really made our wedding day the fairytale we wanted! Not to mention how patient you were with all of us. So many of our family and friends also commented on how great you were, the beautiful words you spoke and how welcome you made everyone feel. Many of them said it was the best wedding they have been to!! We cannot wait to share our amazing experience that you helped us to create. Many thanks once again for the wedding ceremony; it was first class service all the way through!"
No other Perth celebrants will have anything like it. 
3 Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Darlington Estate Winery   |   Guildford Landing.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Sandalford Winery   |   Caversham House.
Testimonial from Kerry & Jonathan (2013):
"WOW! Steve is phenomenal! We are extremely pleased with how Steve conducted our ceremony! He is energetic, punctual, a natural with what he does. We are so grateful and thankful to Steve for being such a big part of the beginning of the rest of our lives together! Our day would not have been such a fantastic one had it not been for Steve. Very personable right from the very first meeting with him. Both Jono and I would not change one thing about how the ceremony was carried out. Steve has a fantastic personality, with several of our guests mentioning at the reception that they too thought he was fantastic and were really pleased that they could hear him clearly throughout the whole ceremony. We are very delighted and will be happy to highly recommend Steve's services to anyone who is seeking a celebrant with some grace, style and a little finesse (I already have a few times on bridal pages on Facebook)!!"
My goal as your celebrant Perth is to make your wedding ceremony. That sets us apart from other marriage celebrants Perth.
3 Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Caversham House   |   Chesters Restaurant.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Sandalford Winery   |   Joondalup Resort.
Testimonial from Cassie & James (2015):
I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you to Steve for being the most important part of our big day! Our ceremony was perfect and exactly what we wanted, simple, but still elegant. James and I could not have been happier with Steve and our ceremony and that will always mean the world to us!! Steve made our ceremony one to remember for a life time. We couldn't have chosen a better celebrant if we tried! I recommend Steve endlessly on the facebook wedding page that I am a member of and I will continue to do so because the world should know how wonderful he is!! I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough. I will be sure to keep Steve in mind when our friends and family members get married. Once again, thank you so much!
They have told me that the meetings knowing that their wedding ceremony is in good hands with an Perth marriage celebrant
3 Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Chapel Farm   |   Perth Zoo.
3 more Weddings @ Wanneroo Botanical Gardens   |   Bridgeleigh R.C.   |   Caversham House.
Testimonial from Kelly-Jo & Alex (2012):
"Steve made finding a celebrant easy. We were well informed and he took care of everything. The day went perfectly and all our guests commented on what a great, enthusiastic celebrant he was and how he seemed so enthused and not like some other celebrants. We'd just like to say a big thank you for making our day so special. We were very pleased with Steve's services. Everyone commented on how wonderful it was to have a celebrant that just seemed so excited about us getting married and didn't drone on like other celebrants they had seen. It really was great!"

3 Weddings @ Mulberry on Swan   |   Crown Ballroom Perth   |   Joondalup Resort.
3 more Weddings @ Brookleigh   |   Caversham House   |   Sittella Winery.
Testimonial from Kirsten & James (2009):
We feel we were very fortunate we found Steve for our wedding ceremony. Neither of us are religious, but we still wanted a traditional ceremony. Once we met with him in his office and went through his script we knew he was perfect for us. On the day he was truly brilliant and presented our ceremony with such great flair, which our guests thought was amazing. On a side note, we had many great comments about the way Steve was dressed. We really appreciated that Steve goes to the effort to dress 'traditionally' for a wedding. It really made a difference, not just to us, but to our family and friends, so thank you for that too.

3 Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Hillarys Yacht Club   |   Mulberry on Swan.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Sandalford Winery.
Testimonial from Lauren & Liam (2009):
"We simply can not recommend Steve highly enough. He was fun and friendly and made us laugh at the meetings. Made us feel completely at ease, like we were talking to a friend, not a celebrant, but still very professional. Gave us great ideas and suggestions that we may not have thought of ourselves, especially when it came to music selection and deciding what to say for our vows. He also took care of playing the music and timed it absolutely seamlessly. Our friends thought that we had hired a DJ for the music and couldn't believe that Steve was the one controlling it all. It is obvious he is very experienced and his experience put us at ease. We knew we had chosen the perfect man for our wedding. We were extremely happy with his service. We had several compliments on his vibrant presentation of our wedding from guests."
You don't want it spoiled by amateur wedding celebrants Perth.
3 Weddings @ Burswood on Swan   |   Caversham House   |   Joondalup Resort.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Mulberry on Swan   |   Caversham House.
Unlike other wedding celebrants Perth , not only does Steve offer you the use of his separate, premium quality, music amplifier and mp3 player, but he can also personally coordinate the playing of your music at your ceremony for you, so that you can just relax knowing that he has taken care of that for you. Please view Steve's Fees & Services page for his fee, a comprehensive list of all the inclusions, and a special offer he is currently offering all engaged couples.
Testimonial from Jessica & Marc (2014):
Steve was very friendly and easy to work with! He made us feel comfortable through out the whole process with his kindness and sense of humour and made it all very easy. Steve was a great help on the day. Also with my husband's nerves, he helped make him feel relaxed! Thanks so much Steve for being a part of our special day. We were very happy with our ceremony. We liked that Steve kept it traditional, but still light and fun! It made us feel a lot calmer and comfortable. People commented on how bold and clearly he spoke! We just wanted to say thanks again for everything you did for me and Marc, we couldn't be happier with how the day turned out at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley. It really was a magical day, thank you Steve for being a part of it.
3 Weddings @ Peel Manor House   |   University of Western Australia   |   Caversham House.
 3 more Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Caversham House   |   Sittella Winery.
Steve is consistently complimented on his ceremony wording by couples and guests at weddings. Steve has been told that his unique ceremony script is "one of the most beautiful and touching ever heard." They have also said that it "expresses the romance of a wedding ceremony, perfectly." So why not come and read it for yourselves? Rest assured, Steve always comes immaculately dressed. He won't ruin your photos, nor ruin your ceremony by trying to be a comedian or making any inappropriate jokes about the bride and groom! To compliment the look of your ceremony, he always wears a classic vintage, black tuxedo or English 'morning' suit (like the style they wear at Royal Weddings) and of course, his trademark golden tie and vest. For couples wanting a vintage inspired wedding in Perth, Steve is the most obvious choice.
Testimonial from Michele & Christian (2011):
"Steve was very professional and helpful throughout the whole organisation of the wedding. Christian and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve so much for his contribution in helping to make our wedding so special. The ceremony was perfect, as was his enthusiasm. We had a lot of feedback from our wedding guests that he was vibrant and lifted the spirits of the ceremony. I was very emotional and his introduction was great to break away the tears, so thank you for that. I have and keep getting feedback of his vibrant and flamboyant service. Again, we thank Steve so much for making our ceremony extra special. I will be sure to highly recommend him to friends in the future."
3 Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Sandalford Winery.
3 more Weddings @ Sittella Winery   |   Hillarys Yacht Club   |   Mindarie Marina.
Testimonial from Chloe & James (2008):
"Steve was AMAZING!! He was so professional and friendly throughout the whole experience. Steve set the bar really high from the get go to make our wedding day amazing, and it was. I love the way he conducts ceremonies, so full of energy. I had so many guests come up to me afterwards say how fantastic he was, and how impressed they were with him. He kept it interesting rather than making people want to go to sleep!! Loved it!! He also has such an intriguing voice. I definitely got my fairytale wedding!! Thank you so much for making our day what it was, Steve. Thanks heaps."
Testimonial from Karlee & Rhys (2013):
"In the past 2 years Rhys and I had been to lots of weddings because so many of our friends were getting married. I wanted my ceremony to be like a fairytale, which is why choosing the venue was easy - Caversham House. We got lots of opportunity to see what we wanted and what we didn't want in the celebrant for our wedding. We knew we didn't want someone cracking jokes and we didn't want our celebrant talking about our relationship, because quite frankly, we've always thought that that was the job of Rhys's bestman and my maid of honour at our reception that night. We had seen another celebrant do that and we didn't think it was appropriate. Steve was one of Caversham's preferred celebrants. As soon as we met with Steve we knew that finally we had found exactly what we were looking for. The ceremony he read through with us at the first meeting was exactly what we wanted. It was simple, traditional and elegant. Steve was absolutely awesome at our wedding. He has a strong voice and he expresses himself really clearly and well. Everyone loved how he spoke with so much power. Our wedding was absolutely perfect in every way. We are very glad we found Steve and I have recommended him to all of my engaged girlfriends."

3 Weddings @ Portofinos Restaurant   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Valley View Restaurant.
3 more Weddings @ Fraser's Restaurant   |   Caversham House   |   Joondalup Resort.
Testimonial from Cassandra & Keith (2014):
"Both Keith and I were more than pleased with how Steve conducted our elegant, fairytale wedding ceremony at Caversham House! There really isn't anyone else I could have envisioned to do what Steve did on our special day! Steve was exactly the celebrant I was looking for to conduct a ceremony that was not only elegant, but with a slight theatrical approach that kept our guests, not only listening to our intimate moment, but being able to really feel the surroundings of the mood he provided. No question was left unanswered leading up to the day - Steve offered advice and provided such detailed information, not just for Keith and I, but for our whole bridal party also. Steve didn't make it possible for us to forget any little thing, allowing us to feel comfortable and confident with all things entailed. I can truly say we made the right choice in celebrant - he is someone we will certainly recommend to others who are looking for the PERFECT fairytale ceremony! Thank you Steve for everything you contributed towards our day and helping to create one of the most memorable and special days, something we will treasure forever. Once again, thank you."
One of Perth's most experienced and professional marriage celebrants Perth.
3 Weddings @ Art Gallery of W.A.   |   Duxton Hotel   |   Hyatt Regency Hotel.
3 more Weddings @ Villa Pourzand   |   Caversham House   |   City West Receptions.
Steve's aim is to help make your vintage, fairytale wedding a reality. The day you have always dreamt of is only limited by your imagination, but Steve can promise you that the words spoken will be romantic and sentimental to make it a day you will always cherish. To personalise your ceremony and make it truly unique, Steve recommends you say your own personal vows, written from the heart. Personal vows, give you the opportunity to tell your own love story, to express your feelings for each other, and to add a bit of humour, if you wish. As well Sitella Winery. Include Mulberry on Swan Winery or Sandalford Winery. Or if Upper Reach Winery as Oakover Winery. Waters Edge Winery but The Belvoir and then Caversham House.
Testimonial from Amanda & Zeb (2014):
"We are truly thankful that we made changes to our wedding date in order to have Steve conduct our wedding ceremony. We had so many compliments for him on the day like how clearly he spoke, he could be heard by all and was very entertaining. Steve we can't thank you enough for conducting our ceremony. It was such an amazing and perfect day. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Perfect day, perfect celebrant!"

3 Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Bridgeleigh R.C.   |   Caversham House.
3 more Weddings @ Caversham House   |   Oakover Winery   |   Caversham House.
Testimonial from Tara & Corrie (2013):
"Corrie and I would like to thank Steve very much for conducting our ceremony last Friday at Sandalford Winery! We had so many comments on how fantastic he was! Steve's professionalism and his expressive voice really kept people in the moment. He made everything run smoothly during the ceremony and we are so happy with the outcome! Steve was very professional and engaging, showed amazing attention to detail and he has a great personality. We highly recommend Steve and will definitely be forwarding his info to future friends getting married :) Once again, thank you very much!"


3 Weddings @ Mulberry on Swan   |   Caversham House   |   Bluewater Grill.
3 more Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   The Vines Resort   |   Caversham House.

Yes, Steve is a full-time marriage celebrant, Perth and he conducts wedding ceremonies - 7 days a week. Yes, he has a dedicated, purpose-built, rather lavish, celebrant's office where he meets with couples. Yes, he has had the pleasure of conducting over a thousand, not just marriages, but classically elegant wedding ceremonies. Still undecided? Then please take the opportunity to read through over 450 reviews and testimonials from grateful couples whose ceremonies he has conducted over the years.
Testimonial from Ally & Karl (2014):
"Steve was amazing. We were more than happy with Steve's service on our special day. He made us feel special in every way. He was very professional and gave just a touch of humor to keep guests entertained. All our paperwork was done immediately and Steve had many suggestions for vows and songs, without being pushy. Also he was immaculately dressed in a gold tie and had a great microphone service, so all the guests could hear our vows and song choices clearly. Our guests were very happy with Steve's service and loved his energetic performance. We couldn't thank him enough for making our day run so smoothly.
3 Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Caversham House.
3 more Weddings @ Joondalup Resort   |   Rendezvous Grand Hotel Perth   |   Caversham House.
Testimonial from Angela & Dru (2009):
Dru and I can not recommend Steve highly enough to all brides and grooms to be. Steve is unlike any other celebrant we have ever seen. Steve's presentation is very unique - the power in his voice, his passion, the way he expresses himself, his energy, he has that spark that sets him apart from all other celebrants. You really have to hear him present your ceremony to fully appreciate that he's the best at what he does and he is obviously a romantic at heart. He even had my father crying tears of joy, and that's saying something. We had guests coming up to us throughout the night saying how touching our ceremony was and that it was the best they had been to, which really meant a lot to me. We have Steve to thank for that, he really made our fairytale wedding special for us. As you can probably tell, we were extremely impressed with Steve's service and would recommend him above all others. Thank you so, so, so much!!
Please bear in mind, most couples book Steve's services 12 - 24 months before their wedding. Hence, dates for 2016 and 2017 are already being booked. So, if you have chosen a date for your wedding and booked the venue, please do not hesitate to enquire about his availability by email or by completing his ' Wedding Enquiry Form'. Steve guarantees to respond to your enquiry very quickly, rapidly and promptly!
(Please include time & venue of your ceremony, when enquiring)
"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale." - Anonymous
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